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What Causes Biochemical Inflammation?

Emerging published research demonstrates that musculoskeletal pain does not come from conditions that are strictly mechanical in nature. The prestigious journal Spine, suggests that mechanical and biochemical factors provide a better explanation into the role of inflammation in lumbar pain. Why?

Patients can suffer from both endogenous acidic toxins from mechanically-induced musculoskeletal injuries and/or exogenous acidic toxins from man-made chemicals from what they eat, drink and breathe. Either way, acidic toxins cause BiochemicalIinflammation that leads to the medical condition known as Cellular Acidosis.

Cellular Acidosis disrupts endocrine function and triggers inflammatory peptides & hormones that contribute tomusculoskeletal pain in several key areas of the body including the Neck, Low Back, Discs, Shoulders, Patella, Achilles, Fibromyalgia and more. Published research on Cellular Acidosis in The British Journal of Nutrition, concluded that the condition has significant clinical relevance and can largely be treated and prevented using an alkaline diet and nutritional supplementation.
Br J Nutr.,2010 Apr;1033(8):1185-94.

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